Inside Issue, June 2017

3 Presidentís Desk: The First Rule of Investing by Phyllis Rockower

4 Dealmaking: Finding Deals on the MLS by Marlene Green

5 Dealmaking: Florida Investor Makes $4,500 in One Week! by Marlene Green

6 Taxes: Trap for LLCs Taxed as Corporation by Dyches Boddiford

7 Taxes: Your Biggest Expense? Taxes! by Bill Cook

8 Time Management: 24 Tips to Maximize 24 Hours by Gregory Pinneo

11 Marketing: Staging with Color-White is Black by Pam Christensen

12 Beginners: The Four Life Changing Stages of a Real Estate Investor by Jason Hanson

14 Beginners: Four Mistakes Newbie Real Estate Investors Make by Jamel Gibbs

15 Investing: Fear Buster #3: Market Unpredictability as to Whether to Buy, Sell or Hold by Jack Miller

16 Financing: Six Ways to Raise all the Cash Youíll Ever Need for Doing Deals by Richard Roop††††††††

19 Investing: The Tortoise and the Hare in Real Estate Investing by Bradley Dornish, Esq.

21 Legal: Know Your Real Estate Laws by William Bronchick, Esq.

22 Negotiating: Five Steps to Negotiating Real Estate by Phil Pustejovski

24 Legal: New Jersey Bulk Sales Law by Steve Gregory

24 Legal: Bulk Sales: Reporting Requirements Impact Realty by Stephen Flotow, Esq.

26 Rehab: Handy Tips

27 Rehab: Electrical Basics for Investors by Kevin Smith

29 Self-Directed IRAs: Buying Real Estate in your IRA by Hugh Bromma

30 Selling: You have to SELL a House to get it Sold by William Bronchick, Esq.

32 Investing: Fifteen Points of Common Sense by Mike Stott


33 Landlord and Property Managerís Most Frequently Asked Questions by Don Conrad

38 Management Tips from

41 Tenantís Negligence Results in $4,000 of Damage by Robert Cain

43 Vendors & Sponsor Index and New & Renewing Members

47 New Jersey Bar Association Free Meetings & Seminars

49 MREIAís Officers and Advisory Board Chairpersons and How to Contact Them