REHAB  101

Handy Tips


Author Unknown


Bronze Wool

If you like to use steel wool, but hate the rust, try bronze wool. It is available at marine stores, and it doesn't rust. Even the little slivers that are left behind won't leave rust stains.


New Drywall

Use latex primers on newly finished drywall. Oil primers can't conceal the difference in texture between the joint compound and the drywall surface.


Motion/Humidity Sensing Fan

Broan's SensAire fan and fan/light combination units give you humidity control, ventilation and light without flipping a switch. Walk into the bathroom and the light goes on. Take a shower and the fan will go on as the humidity rises. Both sensors can be adjusted to remain on for up to 60 minutes.


Light Bulbs

Make light bulbs easier to remove by putting a light coating of petroleum jelly on the threads before screwing them in. This will make your job easier next time you need to take them out, and you'll avoid the risk of having a bulb break in your hand.


You can easily change a hard to reach light bulb by cutting four slits in the end of a cardboard mailing tube. Slip a heavy rubber band over the end of the tube and gently push the bulb into the end of the

tube. You can use this to remove the old bulb and install the new one.


Carpet Dents

When you move furniture, there are often dents in the carpet that are hard to remove. Put an ice cube in each dent. The slowly released water will fill up and expand the carpet fibers without making a mess.


Leaky Roofs

Seal at the top of the storm collar

run silicone caulk where the collar meets the chimney stack.


Leaking plumbing stack

Peel back the shingles that overlap onto the top half of the vent flashing, then remove the old vent. Install neoprene boot flashing and reinstall the shingles.


Cement chimney cap is cracked


Brush off the loose cement and dirt. Force butyl caulk into the cracks, then smooth.


Reprinted courtesy of the Apartment Association of PA, April 2014