Staging with Silk Botanicals

by Pam Christensen†††† Posted July 31, 2014

Botanicals! Trees, cherry sticks, tulips, forsythia, pussy willows and eucalyptus just to name a few. You can create appealing and attractive spots of color to brighten interior spaces any time of year with high quality permanent botanicals (aka silk plants). A dark comer can become a dramatic focal point by placing a high quality bamboo, with an up light behind it to not only add beauty but light to a room.

For our staged homes, I primarily use trees and plants custom-designed by Silkscape. Design to fill awkward spaces and soften a room. These plants are high quality and unique, and look very realistic. I tend to stay away from Fichus trees unless they are an uncommon variety such as Capensia or Benjamin, or if I need a particularly tall tree for a foyer or family room with very high ceilings.

I love to use bamboo either black or green, yuccas, olive trees or dracaenas, I also like small maples or simply a vase filled with cherry sticks to fill a comer.

The advantage of using permanent botanicals is that they can bring the outdoors in without the mess of dropped leaves and you donít have to worry about water damage to carpets and floors. Itís also difficult to find a live plant that maintains the perfection of a silk botanical.

In higher end homes, I work with my silk designer Susanne, to create custom centerpieces for entry tables, master baths and formal dining rooms. Her orchids are so amazing you have to touch them to realize that they arenít live plants.

Forsythia and pussy willows say spring and add bright color spots that will bring a smile to potential buyers and can be used year round.

Dried or silk hydrangeas and dahlias are also good choices for bouquets that can be used to add color and grace. Nice quality stems can be found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, and placed in a simple glass vase with glass stones or black rocks you create a lovely centerpiece for almost any room of a home. I also really love the contrast that black grass can add to almost any centerpiece.

I have to admit that I rarely stage a home without adding an orchid. Large or small orchids add a simple elegance to just about any space, and can fit in any style home from contemporary to traditional.

The most important thing to remember is that just like staging, less is more when using silk foliage. A few high quality and well placed plants will go a long way to brighten your decor. The best rule is to keep it simple, whether you are using silks or live plants to add pop to your home.

Reprinted by Permission. Pam Christensen is an Accredited Staging Professional Master, located in Shoreline, WA. Visit or call (206) 650-3620. She is the founder and CEO of Staging for Charisma one of the top staging companies in the Seattle Area.  In addition to staging, she is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer, teaching Advanced Home Staging Certificate courses to help others who have a passion for staging.  She is also the president of the Puget Sound Chapter of RESA (Real Estate Staging Association).