AA MREIA Member Speaks Her Mind!

I asked one of our members why she continued to renew her membership. When I told her that I wanted to publish her responses in the Metro, she wanted her name to remain anonymous!

Below is a summary of my interview:

Q. How many years have you been a MREIA member.

A. About ten years.

Q. I assume that you have invested in real estate?

A. Yes. It took me some time before I did my first deal. Now I own five rental houses. I also fixed and flipped three properties.

Q. Why did you originally join MREIA?

A. I went to a seminar and one of the attendees told me about the value of joining a REIA.

Q. Why do you renew your membership, year after year?

A. I find that the meetings truly provide great continuing education. I went to meetings run by some other REIAs and was annoyed because the speakers wasted my time talking about their success stories. They also did not give me any practical ideas that I could use in my situation. Also, they spent too much time trying to sell me their expensive courses.

Q. Iíve heard the same thing from a few other MREIA members. Are there any other benefits you get from being a member?

A. Definitely! I love being able to mingle with experienced investors and to pick their brains! I also know that the Board members are volunteers who are willing to help us because MREIA is a non-profit organization. I also like the discounts offered, especially Home Depot.

Q. Do you read our e-newsletter?

A. Yes. I am amazed that as many as about 25 articles are reprinted each month† I have not seen that anywhere else; most other REIAs put out a newsletter with 2 or 3 articles and mostly ads! And itís great that I can look up get into† Members Only of the website and find hundreds of previous articles in the MREIA newsletter archive.

Q. What do you think about the attorneys who offer their advice at the meetings?

A. All I can say is if I had to hire an attorney it would have cost me hundreds of dollars for personal advice. I love the February panel of attorneys where the evening is spent answering questions from the members. And I should also mention that advice about putting a property into the right entity really helped me. Oh, also I thought that the information about how to legally qualify or evict tenants was terrific!

Q. Finally, anything else you would like to say?

A. Yes. Going to monthly meetings keeps me in touch with changes in real estate laws†††††††††† Dan Schwartz