Questions To Ask A Potential Mentor


by Phyllis Rockower


Every day I hear a new ad on the radio for a real estate "guru" who is having a free workshop.

There are many of these self-proclaimed "gurus" out there. True, some have indeed created information products. (That's not hard to do.) And they may be selling them online. (That's not hard to do either.) How much money are they making from real estate, aside from selling programs?


Now, I know it's hard to tell sometimes who to trust and follow. Some of these “gurus” talk a great talk using excellent copywriting, stories, and persuasion tactics. Are they real estate experts or just marketing experts?  How do you know who is the REAL deal, and who's "full of it". I also get a lot of emails from people who have done a few deals and think they are ready to teach you?


Asking a few questions will help you. Here are five questions you should ask before investing heavily in anyone's products, programs, coaching, or workshops:


1. Have they ever DONE what they are teaching?


There are some people out there who are good "reporters" - that is, who collect information and share it - who you can learn from. These folks are good if you're doing baseline research on the topic.


But if you are really looking to learn the systems and strategies that can change your life and business, and how to apply them successfully and quickly, and make a ton of money from them, you absolutely want to make sure you learn from someone who has done exactly that. This guarantees a much higher success rate on your end. I have been doing this for over 25 years-in both up and down markets.


2. Are they still involved with what they're teaching?


It's no secret that anyone can make money TEACHING what they know rather than just doing what they know. It's crucial you learn from someone who is still "in the trenches," continually learning and keeping up to date with the fastest and easiest ways to do what you want to learn.


I am in the trenches every day, analyzing deals, talking to fsbos and realtors and "fixin."


3. Are they accessible?


Can you get to them quickly either by email or phone to get your questions answered?

I am a "crackberry."  I have my blackberry around my neck and check emails every second. You will have quick access to an answer.


4. Is it really them or a hired flunky who you get?

Too many programs have others doing the teaching and not the guru themselves. In my opinion, this is a no-no- and they charge a lot of money for this.






5. Are they doing it in a MANNER that suits what you want for you and your business?

This isn't talked about often, but you want to learn from a mentor who also works in a manner that fits your business vision. For example, one client shared that she chose to learn from me instead of another internet marketing "mentor" solely because he admittedly works 16-hour days and hasn't taken a vacation in years. (Apparently my relaxed and fun work-style was a lot more appealing to her.)


Another example: I'm sure you've seen some "gurus" out there whose marketing methods are questionable and/or simply obnoxious, and that may not fit your style. If you want your business to be ethical, easy, and fun, then look for a mentor who is running his/her business that exact same way.


6. Is the price you pay the whole deal or just the start. A lot of these so called gurus suck you in with the drip method. First is a few hundred; then it’s a few thousand and its keeps going up to unbelievable amounts of money. Some naive souls went for 40k. With me, it's one low price and that's it- no upsell into more and more costly programs. You get all of me upfront.


Once You Find Your Mentor, Stick With 'Em!


Once you choose the mentor and business model that's right for you, STOP paying attention to anyone else for a while!


I know many entrepreneurs who have wasted thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on websites, programs, and training that got them nowhere, pointed them in the wrong direction- or were never taught by the guru.  Don't make that mistake - I've been there. Stop struggling and invest in someone to show you the way - the right way - the first time. Not sure where to start? Reprinted by Permission. The author was the President and Founder of REIC of LA. Reprinted by Permission from the  R.E.I.C. of L.A. News. Published by the Real Estate Investors Club of Los Angeles. Phone: 310-792-6404  Visit